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India needs career counsellors

India needs 15 lakh counsellors for 315 million students

Rajalaxmi Ghosh, I TNN I Updated: May 6, 2019, 16:34 IST The Times of India

The real role of counsellors

Career counselling involves much more than merely choosing a job. Today, career counselling is about equipping an individual with a clearer understanding of oneself and one’s underlying potential. Career counsellors play a vital role in paving the way for career success. Let us attempt to define career success.

Career success is a combination of:

  • Achieving a reasonable level of financial stability while doing work you enjoy
  • Finding that you are happy and fulfilled with your life and career choices
  • True career success requires an alignment between the two

ICSC - International Career Success Coach with LaunchMyCareer

Join the International Career Success Coach (ICSC) programme and become a ‘Career Success Coach.’

Help students cruise from confusion to conclusion!

Our counselling process leverages LMC’s career success platform, coupled with humanistic counselling.

Learn humanistic counselling techniques:

  1. Active listening
  2. Creativity
  3. Reflecting
  4. Empathy
  5. Summarizing
  6. Altruism

Serve as a bridge connecting parental aspirations and learner’s dreams by:

  1. Personlised Career Accelerator Plan
  2. Guiding toward choosing the right career and career path
  3. Creating a complete roadmap to help students achieve their career planning and development milestones
  4. Reassuring parents that their wards are in the right hands

Who can be a Career Success Coach with LaunchMyCareer?

Do you have the following core skills?

  • Communication skills

    You must be a good listener as counsellors spend a significant amount of time listening to their clients, having them share their stories and their feelings.

  • Non-judgmental

    Counsellors hear all kinds of private information and encounter all types of people. Emotional stability and maturity are therefore required to handle the career problems of others.

  • Sensitive & perceptive

    Counsellors should have a strong interest in helping others, be sensitive, perceptive in assessing people and inspire respect, trust, and confidence.

  • Research-oriented

    Career counsellors need to be well-informed and constantly updating their knowledge of study and career options.

  • Encouraging

    Many learners are struggling to find hope in their situation. One of the primary jobs of a counsellor often involves instilling hope in an individual.

Eligibility criteria

A certified career counsellor from NCDA, CDA or UCLA with 3-5 years of experience in career counselling


  1. Domain experts/career counsellors
  2. Applied psychology
  3. Freelancers / practitioners
  4. School counsellors

The LMC Edge

Transform career journeys and spread happiness!

  1. Learn and work with global experts and advisors
  2. Expand your network globally
  3. Use cutting edge technology
  4. Upgrade your KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities)
  5. High earning potential
  6. Get awarded and rewarded
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