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LMC counsellors act as a bridge between parental aspirations and learners dreams. By creating a pathway of education and employment with career-connected learning, our counsellors help lead students along their career success journey. Sign up for expert guidance!

Why career counselling?

Human intervention is irreplaceable

Career counselling involves much more than merely choosing a job. A career is seen by many as a way to integrate into society, and also about making a social contribution. Today, career counselling is about equipping an individual with a clearer understanding of oneself and their underlying potential.

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Getting a clear vision of your career success journey needs expert guidance and planning. Our certified career coach's help to optimize your chances of attaining a successful career.

Our live counselling plans


(Grade 5-10)

Get expert advice on the desired career path, stream selection & more.


(Grade 11-12)

Get expert advice to land your dream college & craft a perfect career.


(Graduate and above)

Get expert advice to land your ideal job or higher studies college.

Why LMC?

Comprehensive Career Data

  • Career exploration library
  • Detailed career information
  • Job descriptions, responsibilities and tasks
  • Ease of career selection

Immersive 360° Career Experiences

  • Enjoy first-hand real-life working experience
  • Immersive 360° career exploration videos
  • Career-linked learning for students

Emerging Careers

  • Learn about new-age careers
  • Careers with great prospects
  • Futuristic career options
  • Explore the fastest-growing careers

LMC career guidance advantage



LMC counselling plans

Pathway (Grade 5-10)
What makes you a

Our International career success coaches

LaunchMyCareer’s international career success coaches (ICSC) are expert navigators of career pathways, shortlisted through a structured assessment process.

Our live counselling edge

  • Self-awareness process and understanding self-discovery report with a career success coach
  • Demystifying career choices and knowing your most suited careers
  • Complete career development plan including 3-5 action plans along with a career accelerator plan

Getting behind the personality quiz

David Hodgson is a career coach and a psychologist with 30+ years of experience working with young people and professionals. The brain behind the online personality quiz, David explains how understanding your personality is a great starting point for thinking about careers.

Know our counsellors

Arundhati Tornekar

Dr. Rishi mishra

Sukhmani Kaur

Immersive 360° Career Experiences

Immersive 360° Career Experiences

In the path to discover your right career, it is essential to know the actuality of work, responsibilities & expectations. Our immersive 360° career exploration videos are designed to provide unique and invaluable perspectives into the working realities, which you won't find anywhere else. Buy premium and unlock access to hundreds of career videos.

Discover Careers by your Personality Type

Explore careers related to your unique personality type

  • The bird squad

  • The Cat squad

  • The bear squad

  • The sea squad


Student Testimonials

Discover some of the many benefits you will enjoy when you add us to your online learning platform.

Suvansh Arora

Lotus Valley International School, Noida

Jannat Singh Gill

University of Ottawa, Canada

Reuben Raj Chadha

Lotus Valley International School, Noida


Our proud partners

LMC is proud to partner with NISA (National Independent School Alliance), the world's largest school alliance that brings together 70,000+ budget private schools from across the country.

LMC is proud to partner with CSC Academy with a goal to make career development accessible to rural children in India. LMC is rolling out to 5,930 academy centers attended by 2.6 million students.

Our school associations

Why should schools partner with LaunchMyCareer?

LaunchMyCareer school program provides school administrators with quantitative and qualitative data about student progress. It enables data-driven decision making, assisting counsellors in career guidance, recommendations and suggestions to students, providing newer options. With our association, schools can increase communication, engagement, and accuracy in career guidance programs.