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NISA - LMC Partnership

Bridging the career gap in India

Bridging the career gap in India

Hailed as a transformational career-focused program for schools, the program aims to bridge the careers gap in India by integrating a world-first, direct-to-consumer subscription service. The partnership will see NISA schools recommend the curriculum-aligned learning of LaunchMyCareer as the platform-of-choice to its 70,000 schools, which are attended by approximately 13 million students.

With the changing paradigm, the education ecosystem is in a state of flux. A hybrid of in-person and remote learning is the new reality facing educators both as a mammoth challenge as well as a unique opportunity.

The objective of the LMC-NISA partnership is to provide the comprehensive CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) platform of choice across India. It promises a modern approach that will enable educators and parents to supplement and monitor their ward’s progress from any device.

This expansive service will evaluate learners’ skills, provide guidance to maximize potential, and prepare them for college and career readiness while guiding them on the path to becoming global citizens. But that’s not enough, so students will also get adequate virtual work experiences, career networking, as well as college and course recommendations.