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We are passionate about giving young learners ‘wings’ and the tools they need to develop and grow, with a focus on where they would like to be in the future. They know that these decisions are coming but they do not believe they have a bearing on their learning or are relevant to them right now. The LaunchMyCareer in-school programme benefits all students equally, in self-discovery, and helps to pave the path to career success.

LaunchMyCareer platform

It is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly unifies career guidance and preparation. A unique blend of neuro-linguistic programming, integrated with personality theories, is provided to create unique pathways for students to design their career journeys. The platform brings together experts, counsellors and educators to help steer the career roadmap for students under parental guidance, in a systematic, experiential and exciting manner.

Communication and management system

Individualised dashboards for school administrators, career counsellors, parents, and students to ensure effective planning and implementation of student progress.

Schools can increase communication, engagement and accuracy in the career guidance programme.

Reports and analytics

Provides school administrators with quantitative and qualitative data about student progress. It enables data-driven decision-making, assists counsellors in career guidance recommendations and suggestions to students with newer options.

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