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Discover your personality type

A lack of self-awareness can affect career choices. Let’s consider how.

"I want to work creatively, in fashion, music or technology.

  • Do you fully understand your passion?
  • Are you making choices based on your potential, or societal trends?
  • Who are your influencers? Your parents? Your peers?

Finding answers to the above questions requires taking the time to truly get to know yourself. This means discovering what you like or dislike, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and finding out what you are good at and what you need to work on.

The LaunchMyCareer self-discovery tools enable you to find your natural talent and passion, to help guide your personal and professional growth.


Any good journey requires a buddy. So let's find yours using a personality type test. By getting to know yourself, and what spirit animal best represents who you are, you are then ready to take that first step on a journey of discovery that can lead you to a career which is well-matched to your interests, unique traits, aptitude and guiding force inside of you... your personality. Find your animal for this adventure!

The interests and skills allow self-awareness while exploring the various industry sectors and personal skills to map out the best matched careers suited to your personality.


The 3H’s…

...accommodate individual cognitive and motor skills, which when mashed together might just suggest suitable careers and courses. Some people use their heads more, while some rely on their hearts. Then we also know that some are just plain good with their hands. So what does this mean when considering careers? It's simple. We all know those around us who are good with numbers, or emotionally invested in the things they own, and then that one friend who is practical in every sense of the word. What do they have in common? Nothing! But are they your friends? Absolutely. This is not a one size fits all world, and nor should it be. Creativity doesn't exist only in that person we know who is good at drawing, but can actually be found in us all. It's up to you to find out where you stand in this world, and we are here every step of the way.

Before you know it, you will get to know more about yourself and you'll be ready to start taking that journey toward a career well-suited to you, your unique skills, your personality and all that makes you... you.

And best of all, it doesn’t end at that!

A report is generated consolidating all the aspects of the entire journey of your self -discovery process. The aim is to get you in tune with these important elements, below:
  • Famous people that share the same personality animal as you
  • Your strengths and how those apply to different stages of your life
  • Career paths best-suited to you, along with top recommendations in accordance to the personality quiz, your interests and skills, and the ever-present 3Hs

The self-discovery report is a primer toward the process of building one’s career journey, utilizing a clear mindset and the right framework. Inspiring students to aim high using their full potential provides the roadmap to a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Who knows where life's journey will lead, but you can be assured that a career will be a foundational piece within life and thus requires thought, effort and a forward-facing attitude to get yourself to that place you want to be (but don't know where it is).

But, that's alright! We're here to help and we can have a little fun along the way. All of this doesn't have to be that hard, nor does it need to be boring. So grab your animal companion and let's take this journey together. We can't wait to see who you really are!!


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